We are often asked for our recommendations for an accountant… so we asked Leigh-Ann Wade from Number Crunching what to look for… and as always our very own babbler was there to help us!

Leigh-Ann has been trading for over 10 years and can be contacted on: info@numbercrunchingltd.co.uk

It’s really important that you and your business find a good accountant; in the long run it can save you time, money and effort. A few things to think about are set out below.

Surely one accountant is much the same as another?
Different accountants specialise in different areas of taxation whilst others will cover most areas. Always request an initial meeting to see if the accountant can cover all of your taxation needs, this initial consultation should be FREE. Personality also comes into it, if you can’t see yourself developing a relationship with your accountant where you feel comfortable talking to them or asking for advice on business and taxation matters, they are not the accountant for you. Don’t feel pressurised into signing up during your initial meeting, it’s always a good idea to go home & think about things.

Fees and charges
Some accountants request a monthly retainer; others will charge you only when they actually do work for you. It is up to you to decide what is best. If you know you need your accountant to do some work every month, then a monthly amount may be your best option, however if you only intend to see your accountant once a year there is no need to pay a monthly fee. Ask the accountant about their fee structure and how they charge; accountants should be up-front and transparent about their fees. Accountants shouldn’t charge for occasional general advice, if it becomes more regular or on a specialised matter, then you will probably have to pay.

How do I find an accountant?
Ask people you trust for recommendations. Do a local search online, or check out the main accountancy bodies such as the ICAEW or the ACCA, who will have a list of registered practitioners in your area.

What if I don’t get on with my current accountant? Is it difficult to change?
No, absolutely not. Find a new accountant and they will handle everything for you. Simples!

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Choosing the Right Accountant

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