There was a great discussion in Royston in May as Babblers worked out how to value their services and what to charge. This is a question asked so frequently, and all Babblers left thinking that they should review their pricing structure. This is not an easy task so it was helpful to have Jayne and her fabulous worksheet to assist. It was also lovely to see two new faces and learn about their businesses.

In June Royston met to learn about Instagram for business. Instagram is taking the business world by storm. It is a platform for expressing your business in visual form, and allows you to connect with a whole new world of customers. We discussed how to set Instagram up, and how it can work for your business.

In May Hitchin had their meeting where personal style is taking centre stage. Carol Hanson shared her tips to create a great first impression, giving you more confidence to walk into any situation feeling and looking your best.

As we go to press, Hitchin are gearing up for an inspirational meeting with Kasia Burke showcasing her photographical talents and discussing how photography and images can boost your business

Both the Royston and Hitchin presentations, Lauren’s 101 blog post ideas and the pricing worksheet are available on the member zone and can be viewed for free if you are an annual member. Contact if you have difficulty logging in.

The exciting meetups in May and June 2016

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