Have you watched fun flashmobs as they go viral on YouTube? Ever wished you could be in one? Well now you can! In fact you can be in THREE if you’d like!

Naomi Wallen from DanceMatters has been commissioned to create a flashmob for the Hertfordshire Federation of Women’s Institutes, one for Cherry Hinton Festival, and a third for a local wonderful charity later in the Autumn in Royston. The Stevenage and Cherry Hinton flashmobs will occur on Saturday 18th September, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

Naomi needs willing volunteers to join in. You can be of any age, gender or dis/ability and you don’t even have to think that you’re much of a dancer! The choreography will be fun, cheesy and achievable by all. There will be rehearsals before the events so that everyone can learn the dance together, and there will also be a YouTube tutorial so participants can refresh their memories at home. They will be two different dances so you can even choose which location might be best for you, Herts or Cambs.

The Stevenage flashmob has a rehearsal on August 3rd in the evening and fun people of all ages are needed!

Interested? Of course you are! Contact Naomi for more information via naomi@dance-matters.co.uk, on Twitter @DanceMatters, or through Facebook.com/DanceMatters

To get you in the mood, here’s the video of the flashmob we made for Royston Craft Fair. The youngest dancer here was 6 and the eldest in his mid 60s. Enjoy!

Fancy Being in a Flash Mob?!

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