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Royston presentations:

September 2019: Design and Branding with Ali Cooley

July 2019: Body Confidence workshop by  Suzanne Marshall

June 2019: Business Vision by Jayne Bratton

May 2019: Elevator Pitch by Jayne Bratton

April 2019: Customer Groups by Jayne Bratton

March 2019: Creating Compelling Content in 7 Steps by Gwen Warren

January 2019: How much should I charge? by Jayne Bratton

November 2018: Building a creative start-up by Harriet Kelsall, author of 'The Creative's Guide to Starting a Business'

October 2018: Strategy for Small Businesses by Gillian Johnston

September 2018: Making Tax Digital by Leigh-Ann Griffin

September 2017: Tax and the Sole Trader/Small Business by Leigh-Ann Griffin

Limited Companies & VAT by Leigh-Ann Griffin

January 2017: Brand by Me by Collette Philip

October 2016: Success at an exhibiton by Jayne Bratton

September 2016: How to have more time for fun! by Jayne Bratton

July 2016: Writing a Press Release by Kirsten Grimmer of Creative Royston

June 2016: Getting Started on Instagram by Cath Boughon and Sharon Windebank from The Listing - also see The Listing website

May 2016: How much should you charge? by Jayne Bratton

April 2016: Applying for Business Awards - Royston April 2016 by Jayne Bratton, Finalist FSB Awards 2015

March 2016: Twitter for Business by Sheryl Jefferson, Social Media and Marketing Consultant

January 2016: New Year Refresh by Jayne Bratton

November 2015: How to Grow your Business

October 2015: Facebook for Business

September 2015: Cutting Costs

July 2015: How to Have More Time

June 2015: Sales Pipeline

May 2015: What your brand says about you

April 2015: Getting your invoice right by Sam White, My Credit Controllers Ltd

February 2015: Overcoming your fear of success

Babble 13th October 2014 - Lynne Peachey Using Facebook to Drive New Business

Babble 15th September 2014 - Press Release

Babble 11th August 2014 - Business Focus - If you could change one thing about your business what would it be?

Babble 16th June 2014 - Marketing - Marketing and how to promote your business every day without realising it

Hitchin presentations:

September 2017 - GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) by Jayne Bratton

March 2017 - Creating a residual income using social media:

April 2016 - Blogging for Business by Lauren LovettApril 2016 - BB Blogging share April 2016 - 101 Blogging Ideas

March 2016: Katrina Burchell: Intellectual Property for Small Businesses - March 2016

September 2015: Branding with Max Platham-Franklin

August 2015: No notes as it was a showcase session whereby members got to show and impress us all with what their business is all about - fantastic!

July 2015: Business notes general by Numbercrunching Ltd - Really useful notes written by Leigh-Ann Griffin

June 2015:  Networking Notes - June 2015

May 2015: NB there are no notes from May's presentation as they purely wouldn't make sense to the reader unless you attended in person. Thanks!

April 2015:  The Twitter Post

March 2015:  Business Babble Hitchin - March 2015 - Overcoming Fear of Success

January 2015: Business Babble Hitchin - January 2015 Facebook for Business by Lynne PeacheyBusiness


Babble Hitchin - 21st October 2014 - Elevator Pitch

Useful information that may aid you on your journey to success:

Knowing Your Customer_fill_in Knowing Your Customers_Notes

Knowing Your Customers_Notes

 Business notes general

Limited Companies and VAT

Writing a press release - Katie Tysome Presentation - Please find below some supporting document's from Katie's presentation:

Creating a WOW experience for your customer workshop notes


Marketing Areas

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Elevator Pitch