We were honoured to be asked for our opinion on the impact of Brexit on small businesses and to be the only small business featured in the article alongside Johnson Matthey and our local MPs…

Our Managing Director Jayne has taken a few moments to give us her up to date thoughts on Brexit…

Fall out from Brexit
From speaking to our clients and other business owners, most business owners are simply ‘getting on with the job’ and waiting for a few months to see what happens when the ‘dust settles’ after the Brexit vote to leave the EU. Now the pound and stock markets seem to be stabilising and we have a new Prime Minister, the initial extreme nervousness of a month ago seems to be easing.
We had heard of a few businesses which were holding back from investing and making decisions in order to see how the economy settled out however even they are now beginning to return to growing their businesses. We know that small businesses are renowned for adapting and taking every opportunity and often the best growth will only happen during a period of turmoil as it makes everyone review their plans and goals. We are also aware of some businesses taking advantage of the change and coming up with new offerings and beginning to already look at new markets – especially in the far east.
As change managers we know that at times of change people need a strong leader with a clear vision to feel safe and secure. We initially felt that David Cameron resigning was not great timing as we were in such a period of uncertainty and change. However, the leadership election happened quite quickly and we are hoping that Theresa May can steer us to a successful change – whatever that change maybe!
We have looked into other business leaders opinions on Brexit and everyone seems to be saying pretty much the same thing… of which Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, seems to articulate really well:
“It’s more important now than ever before for entrepreneurs to maintain optimism and look forwards, not backwards.
“The worst thing we can do is talk ourselves into a recession when formal negotiations leading to exit will take at least two years.
“Inevitably there will be new opportunities and there are things businesses can do to protect themselves from changes that might affect them in the short term and in the future. We have come together to make sure small businesses can easily get hold of the information and advice they need during the current period of uncertainty.”

No-one actually knows what is going to happen yet as none of the new trade agreements, funding programmes, science research programmes, legislation, use of our EU passports etc has infact changed. It is up to us to steer our businesses with focus, ambition and direction to grow and be ready for change…
If you would like some support in getting ready for change then please call Jayne on 07764 657576 or email her at newsletter@thebrattongroup.co.uk

Fall out from Brexit