Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Facebook Tag.

We’re all savvy on social media, and Facebook is probably one of the better known and well used ones – to be honest it’s the only one I truly understand (or at least have a reasonable grasp of), so I tend to major on that one.

In my line of work – bespoke, custom cakes for all occasions – I post images of my work in the days following the event I made my creation for.

On this occasion, I had the pleasure of making a very personal wedding cake for the lovely Lisa and Matt, who held their wedding at the prestigious Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel and Country Club, near Ware.

As I always do, I posted some images of their wedding cake on my business page Jan’s Cakes Hertfordshire, and tagged Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel and Country Club in the post, too.  Now, I never get any feedback from the venues when I do this tagging, but I still tag them on the off-chance.  Well this time was that off-chance!  They shared my image on their page and complimented my work.  Excellent, I thought, and thanked them for the share.

I then thought ‘what the heck’ and decided to message them privately and ask if I could go on their recommended suppliers list – after all, what’s to lose by asking?  I’ve asked at every venue I have delivered to, and no joy yet, but it costs nothing to ask.

That innocent message offered me a chance to take part in a marketing opportunity, if I was interested.  Now in my line of work that usually means a not insignificant financial commitment and attending fayres, etc, which currently is not part of my business plan.  Ever the nosey one – those who know me, know that to be true – I could not resist a follow up to their message.

I was delighted by what I read and had to double check as I just couldn’t quite believe what was being offered.  They offered me the chance to be one of the just two cake makers (and there are literally hundreds who are in the delivery area of this hotel) they were presenting the opportunity to – little old me!  They asked if I would produce a ‘coffee table’ style book of my wedding cakes, together with my business cards, to be permanently on display and accessible to all brides and grooms who make appointments to arrange their weddings at the hotel.

To cut a long story short, I have just taken delivery of three copies of my book, one of which has been delivered to Hanbury Manor, complete with my business cards, to the delight of my contact.

The potential for my business is huge, and the financial layout very small, and all resulted from a simple tag on a simple Facebook post!

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Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Facebook Tag