When Claire Humphries left her job producing the nations A-level and GCSE papers she had one goal: to become a part of the local community helping people lead healthier and happier lives. Claire set up her own business after a back injury forced her to change her career plans. “I hurt my back in a car crash and doing yoga made it even worse so I went on quite a journey to try to fix it as I didn’t know who to trust to help me after that”.
The experience led her to train with a physiotherapist “She taught me so much and helped my pain and I just want to share her secrets with others having problems with their back or muscular skeletal system”. Claire become known as the back-care go-to expert, helping people with her six week Back Fit For Life course designed to re-educate the back and stop pain, as well as offering remedial massage, exercise, advice and posture work.
What she loves most about being self-employed is the freedom to be herself. “I can embrace all the different things I love and share all the skills and passions I have in my work. It’s definitely more challenging but I love the variety”. Claire is also well known in the area as a wellbeing expert, working to empower women and teens, giving them the tools to transform, thrive and be happier through teaching, therapies and events.
Through Claire’s passion for sharing and empowering women she launched women’s networking and business support group Business Babble Hitchin two years ago after attending the Royston group. She’s also one half of acoustic local music duo, Clair de lune and the lead singer of The Cubanauts singing in Spanish.
“I love learning and developing new skills and am passionate about sharing with others. I figure if I need help with something there are others in the same boat and pretty much start from there, that’s what got me to where I am today. It certainly keeps me busy and there is always more to learn!”.
Claire 07955 480757 www.inspireaspire.co.uk help@inspireaspire.co.uk

Celebrate your success – Claire Humphries