The Awesome Meetups in August and September 2016

On the 16 August the Hitchin group came together for a business showcase, as arranged by Claire Humphries. Last August we had a packed out session despite the holiday period and so due to popular demand we ran the business showcase again, giving local women with businesses the opportunity to share and talk about their businesses. This was a resounding success and it gave the Babblers a chance to practice speaking in public but in a safe and supportive encouraging environment, a skill learned at the July meetup!

Royston met on the 8 August for a free for all session, discussing all and any issues or problems that arise in business. This session is always well received and did not disappoint, with many Babblers going away with their issues on the way to being resolved!

Royston again met on the 12 September to learn how to manage their time better and still find time to do the fun stuff! After working out what they would like to do with their spare time, the Babblers realised that there are more than just practical blocks to having time for fun, but some pretty large emotional blocks too. They learned how to take control and clear these blocks.

Don’t forget that any session notes for all of these meet ups can be found in the member zone for Babble Always Annual members!

The Awesome Meetups in August and September 2016

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